Klimatech fabric is developed to fulfill different demands; customers’ and world’s needs.
Our R&D department developed a brand new yarn to minimise intense sweating in high mobility and climate working environments. Our trademark Klimatech cotton fabric with its air conditioning technology is sustainable by its nature.

Klimatech fabric, with its 50% rich pima cotton content ,leaves a feeling on the skin that does not differ from the products made entirely of cotton. The reason for this is, that the polyester-feeling filaments used in the yarn are converted into cotton-touch staple fibers. In addition, thanks to its 50% polyester ratio, the fabric provides easy ironing and washing properties .

Its easy-to-use features appear as a complementary element that significantly affects its preference, especially in corporate clothing, which is intensively used.

Our innovative fabrics are designed to push the boundaries of fashion and functionality. Whether it’s eco-friendly materials, performance-enhancing textiles, or cutting-edge designs, TEKSTAR is at the forefront of textile innovation
Moisture Wicking
Speed Dry
Easy Care
Cooling Effect
Considering that around 55% of textile fibers are cotton, focusing on sustainable cotton is crucial for our environment and human health due to pesticide use. Within our Klimatech fabric blend, we primarily use Better Cotton, which has 60% less Global Warming Potential, highlighting our commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, our Klimatech fabric has at least 5% recycled polyester. This percentage can be arranged according to the customer’s request.

%50 BCI Cotton %50 Recycled Polyester Klimatech 2,99 kg CO2e
%50 BCI Cotton %50 Conventional Polyester Klimatech 4,44 kg CO2e
%50 Conventional Cotton %50 Conventional Polyester Klimatech 5,20 kg CO2e
  • Protect: Protect fabrics feature permanent flame-retardant and antistatic properties that maintain their protective qualities over time, even with frequent use and washing. Unlike other materials, Protect textiles offer long-term, built-in safety. These fabrics comply with EN ISO 11612 and EN 1149-5 standards.We offer blends of Modacrylic/Cotton/Antistatic and Modacrylic/Lyocell/Antistatic. Lyocell adds softness and smoothness, making the garments gentle on the skin. It excels in moisture management, wicking moisture away to keep you dry and comfortable. Additionally, Lyocell is a more sustainable choice, as the fiber comes from natural sources and undergoes an environmentally responsible manufacturing process.