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Brand and Company Analysis

To provide the right solutions, we thoroughly examine your brand’s identity through meetings with your corporate team and assess your employees’ needs through field visits. We conduct a comprehensive Brand and Company Analysis to deliver the most creative, sustainable, and user-friendly solutions. Effective communication is crucial for understanding your brand, work environment, and your expectations.

Design and Sampling

At Tekstar, we offer a unique experience in designing and developing your collection. After conducting a brand analysis, we create custom designs that align with your brand’s DNA. You are invited to our Design Development Center, where you can meet our expert designers, explore our extensive library of fabrics, prints, and accessories, and actively participate in the design process. We also conduct sampling to ensure every detail meets your expectations before full production.

Logistics and Distribution

Located strategically in Sinop and Istanbul, Turkey, our facilities optimize the supply chain for timely global delivery of your orders. We prioritize reliability and accuracy from order fulfillment to delivery, ensuring your products arrive promptly and in pristine condition. Additionally, our online portal simplifies clothing orders, production processes, shipments, and optionally, inventory management. It offers convenient access to delivery updates, packing lists, order details, and invoices. We provide diverse logistics and storage solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.


We prioritize strict quality control throughout our production process. Our dedicated team ensures each garment meets high standards from sourcing to packaging. We adhere to international quality protocols, conducting thorough inspections. Continuous improvement drives our commitment to delivering superior products that exceed expectations.


At our production facilities spanning 5200 m² in Sinop and Istanbul, Turkey, we ensure your garments are crafted with the utmost quality and precision timing. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and managed by experienced professionals, our facilities undergo annual audits to uphold social and environmental standards and maintain ISO certifications.


Sustainability is ingrained in our production process. We prioritize eco-friendly practices and technologies to minimize our carbon footprint. From sourcing materials to manufacturing and packaging, we adhere to stringent sustainability standards. Our commitment ensures that every step aligns with our goal of responsible production.