TEKSTAR‘s Design Development Center integrates the most innovative technologies and materials to create circular products. It serves as a dedicated venue for designers and companies to meet, co-create, and collaborate.

Customers can engage with our expert designers, explore our extensive library of fabrics, prints, and accessories, and actively participate in the design process. This center serves as the heart of our business, equipped with modern technology that simulates real-world industry processes.

At our Design Development Center, you can collaborate in designing garments digitally, selecting fabrics, prints/embroideries, and accessories from our comprehensive library. You can also assist in plotting pattern pieces and creating marker files for cutting, and observe the sewing process of your garment.

Experience a day with our expert designers who will demonstrate how we integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with a keen focus on international trend initiatives to stay abreast of the latest global design trends.

Our Design Development Center offers customers a unique opportunity to experience the entire process, from creating a digital design to seeing it materialize into a physical product.