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Your story, our design


We provide esthetic and ergonomic corporate wear tailored to your brand identity and needs, crafted by our expert team using innovative fabric technologies and seasonal trends, ensuring high-quality, remarkable products.

Durability and Comfort, Your Style

Technical Workwear

We produce durable, functional, and comfortable technical workwear, using high-performance textiles for enhanced protection and weather resistance, tailored to meet your industry’s specific needs.

A Unique Experience

With 350 employees and 1.5 million production capacity annually.

Tekstar Company is a major actor in the corporate clothing market which offers innovative solutions

All in one services

A unique experience

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    • Brand and Company Analysis
  • 2
    • Design and Sampling
  • 3
    • Production
  • 4
    • Quality
  • 5
    • Logistics and Distribution
  • 6
    • Sustainability

We offered more than 70 million pcs textile products to the Turkish, European and American markets.

Technology Meets Fashion

As Tekstar, we bring together the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and innovative fabric technology to create fashion that’s not only stylish but also smarter and more sustainable.

Product Design & Development Center

TEKSTAR’s Design Development Center uses innovative tech and materials for circular products, allowing customers to collaborate with designers, select fabrics, and participate in the entire garment creation process.